SBA 8(a) Program Qualifications

Before you apply for SBA 8a certification, verify that you meet the eligibility requirements for the program which include social disadvantage, economic disadvantage (personal finances), company legal structure, and “potential for success” (an SBA term pertaining to your company’s technical, management, and financial stability.)

 Social Disadvantage
  • Socially Disadvantaged Groups
  • Requirements for Those Not Presumed to be Socially Disadvantaged
  • SBA Insider Information
 Personal Finances
  • Net Worth
  • SBA Program Exceptions
  • Adjusted Gross Income
  • Total Assets
  • SBA Insider Information
 Company Structure 
  • Corporation, LLC or Sole Proprietor
  • Ownership Requirements
  • Company Control
  • SBA Insider Information 
 Potential for Success
  • 2 Years in Business Requirement
  • 2 Year Waivers 
  • Compensation
  • Affiliation Rules
  • SBA Insider Information 

      Don't forget to read our "Insider Tips" to ensure your application complies with  the 8(a) application rules and SBA review methods. 

      Business owners possess different levels of knowledge and experience, so take advantage of our free and simplified explanations of SBA 8(a) application rules and our expert advice BEFORE purchasing any of our products. You may or may not need additional guidance to complete your 8(a) application.
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